Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday, Style Session and Fashion Debate

If you want to see good quality pictures you can go on the MBFF website and look in their gallery. These are just pics from my phone :)

Monday was intensiano also. Starting with a 5 hour busy shift, I then headed to the boutique to meet my intern boss. We headed over to the State Library as we were booked for an afterhours debate of the relevance of couture in today’s fast fashion world and had planned to do have a discussion of what my future may hold before the event started. Fortunately we were a few hours early so dinner was in order. We sat and nibbled on calamari and sipped our vino while watching Westfield’s Style Session fashion parade which was surprisingly good, especially as we didn’t know it was going to be on. Although the clothes were relatively ordinary, the styling was immaculate and the stylists certainly should be congratulated for creativity.
After being thoroughly delighted with the impromptu fashion show we headed back to the State Library where we sat waiting nervously with a handful of random fashion students and other fashion enthusiasts (mainly all dressed in black) until such time as they opened the door to the amphitheatre where our great guest speakers sat like shinning gods. Introduced by Kelly Alderman, Fashion Editor of The Sunday Mail and facilitated by Alison Kubler, the panellists included; Margot Riley, dress historian and curator of the NSW State Library, Paul Hunt (the amazing) Couturier and fashion designer, Charlotte Smith, custodian of the Darnell Collection, Jonathan Ward also a fashion designer and our very own Kath Horton, QUT fashion Lecturer and one of my past teachers and inspirations. Needless to say I was in heaven! Not only did I have one of my favourite designers sitting in front of me discussing his view on the relevance of couture but after the informative evening I actually got to meet him. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I met PAUL HUNT!!! I have to say I was incredibly nervous walking up to him and introducing myself but I would never have forgiven myself had I have not done it. Although I was expecting a prickly encounter (as I am sure he would get over people walking up and introducing themselves, only to then stare at him like a star-struck loser) but he was positively charming. Luckily for me my intern boss actually knew him and as they chatted away like old friends I got to stand and stare with all my admiration bursting at the seams without seeming like a total crazed loon. We chatted about the evening that had just been, discussed Valentino and the past hat anthology which had graced Brisbane with its presence only a few weeks ago. He chatted about his new collection and I raved about his masterful skills. Unfortunately for me I was extremely brain-dead by this time of the evening so I’m sure all that came out of my mouth was gibberish, but my boss said she thought I was lovely and he seemed to be interested in what I had to say, perhaps she was just being kind.