Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life, life and more life

For those that read my blog on a regular basis, you will have noticed a major decrease in the recent amount of posts; this is all due to an incredibly busy schedule. As uni starts to wrap up (final four weeks) and my life turns into an incredible amalgamation of sleep, uni, work, flue, the little things begin to slip out of my hands and I just can’t keep up with everything I usually do. I always find the first thing to go is my sewing, it kills me that I haven’t picked up a needle and thread for almost 12 weeks now, and my design brain only ever seems to work at the oddest of hours when I'm trying to get some sleep, or trying to relax for five minutes. The other thing I find I don't get time for is to write my blog, after writing thousands of words for essays on topics that may have no interest to me, it’s hard to then ask my brain and fingers to come up with something people might actually want to read. Not only that but my creative brain isn’t working so coming up with anything engaging and topical seems to be a challenge. As always though I'll just fill you in on how life has been going on my side of the pin cushion. The past two weeks have been jam packed with several shoots, for several different projects. I've been collaborating on other student projects as I think it’s so important to help out other students (I know how hard it can be to get help when you’re studying). One of the projects was to design a marketing strategy for an upcoming label, of course I jumped at the opportunity as it meant I would get someone coming up with a new logo for me as well as doing a new shoot with my clothes which I always love doing. The shots were totally different to anything I'd done before and was very moody and cinematic, I provided my garments I styled the clothes and accessories and models and did their hair, so all in all a very busy day for me. The second project was for a student run fashion magazine launching next month called ProtoType, so again I got to take my garments along to a shoot and style them and have them shot by an amazingly talented photographer. The setting was really quaint and romantic as it was on a lazy afternoon with the sun softly filtering in; we had op shop furniture, wooden floorboards and feathers galore! The people working on it had really good direction and this always makes the shoot less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone involved. In some respects these projects are a lot of work for me as usually I have to organise the model, make-up, hair, bring along the garments and accessories and then style them (usually while showing the model how to pose) but in the middle of it all I really don't mind. Even though I end up doing much more work than would usually be expected, and even though I have to stay up late organising and stressing over who will be where and when; when it all comes together it’s the best feeling. Seeing the photos used by the photographer for their portfolio, or receiving a copy of the magazine, or just getting positive feedback from the people you’ve worked with, makes it all worthwhile in the end. I love this industry and I love my job. I’ve included a few shots from the two student project shoots, enjoy 