Friday, October 8, 2010


It’s one of those things that if you’re this way inclined you will always find it, no matter what you’re doing. I’ve recently changed jobs (from a high-stress retail job to a cushy office job) and I can honestly say my first few weeks were very dull and as I’m not really designing much at the moment, I felt as though my creativity was slipping out of my brain. Last week I had a breakthrough, although I feel as though my uni life and personal life seems to be getting the better of me, and stealing all my thinking time, I managed to have an epiphany! I needed to restructure my work day to make sure my creativity didn’t lie dormant in a box in the back of my brain. So I found ways to add creativity to my relatively un-creative job. I know this will sound strange but while re-organising the stationary cupboard I found myself enjoying it. Making labels for everything, creating new space and making something lovely (organised) out of absolute chaos. Although I wasn’t creating something amazing I at least felt a form of creative buzz running through my veins, so it was a nice feeling knowing I haven’t completely lost it. I think it’s important for anyone that is a creative person to make sure you set aside creative time, even when you’re extremely busy, in fact it’s probably more important when your flat out to make sure you make time for the things you love. I’m going to make some earrings for a friend tomorrow as she bought me a lovely little head piece and has a massive appreciation for handmade things. Although I’d prefer to make her some slinky pj’s I really don’t have the time, but I know how much the earrings will mean to her, and I’m sure my creative brain will thank me for it. There is simply nothing like giving someone something knowing you’ve made it and created it yourself. Creativity is something that pushes humans forward, it’s what makes us continue to grow and learn as people and it’s something inside everyone, even if they don’t realise it.