Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playing dress ups

So this week was my first week back to uni (technically second, but I didn't go to any classes last week) and it begins all over again. The "what do I wear to uni" fever is back and although I'm extremely happy with today’s outfit I know this fever will burn at me like a magnifying glass on an ant. Being a fashion student at uni requires a PhD in style and if you just don't have it (no matter how amazing your brains or your sewing skills are) you should probably give up and study accounting. The problem with this is that I continually ask myself what is my uni style because it has to be completely different to my work style and to my everyday style. You see I am not one of these girls that enjoys wearing Doc Martins and flower dresses, I don’t feel the need to wear 8 different types of denim at once and I don't tend to wear everything op shop, I hate red lipstick and I don’t dig wearing a bun so high on my head that its looks as though its sprouting from my forehead, and this is where my problem begins.
Being a fashion student means that it is expected that do you like all of the above. Luckily I managed to slip under the radar for most of my past 2 and a half years as I usually had classes on the same day as work, meaning that black business wear became my uni style because it’s my work style. Now I no longer have this black loving blanket to hide behind (no I didn’t get fired, I just don't work the same days as uni). So now what? Can I fall back into my casual style? Should I continue to wear black even though it's no longer a necessity (and I'm getting over black), well I think my answer is simpler than that.
I now have a uni wardrobe.
It's not one that I can wear around my bf as he has a pure hatred for all things op shop, as he is a snob, and it's not one that I would see myself wearing in full to any other situation or occasion because it is my uni style and I feel as though these categories can cross in part but never in full.
So I've decided my uni style is a bit op shop, it’s a bit denim, its flats and bangles and my vintage Oroton sunnies, it’s every high waisted vintage belt I own, it’s bows and headbands and random tees and shorts, it’s an experimental time for me and its giving me a chance to mess around with everything in my wardrobe. The best part? If anyone questions it I can simply use the excuse “I’m a fashion student” and any bad choice of outfit becomes stylish because of my degree. I can’t say that this will work for everyone but it has most definitely given me the confidence to experiment and explore my wardrobe with new eyes. So next time you reach for your favourite jacket, look deeper in the cupboard, burrow to the bottom of your floordrobe or look under your bed for something different, inspiration is found in the strangest of places.