Friday, August 6, 2010

Feast Your Eyes On Tomorrow

As I scrolled through my Facebook Newsfeed on Thursday night I noticed one of my friends was modelling for the Metropolitan Institute of TAFE students fashion shows. Can I just say I have been overwhelmed with joy to see so much amazing talent! I often feel considerable concern when sitting in class and I overhear the Fine Arts Fashion students (the future of Brisbane’s Fashion Industry) whinge and moan about how hard it is to sew and how they don’t enjoy it at all. This shocks me and makes me die a little on the inside, as these are the ones that have been given the (supposed) best training for the industry. It kills me to walk past our design studios and see a lack of outstanding design work. Don’t get me wrong there are most definitely a few standouts that are well and truly above the rest (who will most probably turn into the next Gail Sorronda’s without a doubt) but on a whole, the lack of enthusiasm that our students tend to display is really pitiful.
Moving away from the negative, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the TAFE students work. Yes, ok, there are the few that look as though they’re not quite up to scratch, but their imagination and innovation is seriously winning me over. These designers of tomorrow are producing exciting new concepts and silhouettes, not only that but they are experimenting with various materials and making it work. Even if you don’t think the designs ‘look’ very good, you have to appreciate the creativity and innovation that is behind these designs.
Now I have no idea what the criteria for the designers were, but as far as I can see all these designs are fresh (with the exception of one blatant rip-off of a Lady Ga-Ga outfit) they’re full of creativity, passion and experimental style. Not only are the designs interesting but it’s clear to see the skill level these students have. Their understanding of tailoring, design, symmetry, asymmetry, line, shape, colour and texture, it draws you in! There are fur jodhpurs and I love them. How? Why? I don’t know I just do! The talent that our TAFE students have goes beyond just having good ideas, or knowing how to market their brand, they genuinely have the talent to turn their visions into a reality for all of us to see. They have a considerably high skill level when it comes to technical production, and they are trying out things that are not technically easy and winning! I’m so excited to see some of these girls and boys work in the future. If this is the amazing work they produce while studying I know that Brisbane is going to have a long and successful run in the Fashion Industry. I've included a few of my favourites for you to have a look at, enjoy the visual feast :)