Monday, February 23, 2015

Downey Park Food Trucks

A fine Sunday afternoon after a very wet week calls for a stroll around a park and some tasty treats, so yesterday my hungry gal pals and I checked out the Downey Park Food Trucks for the first time.
Six trucks with an assortment of fine foods gathered in the car park to give the North Side of Brisbane a hearty afternoon of foodie goodness. We attempted to eat our way through as many of the food options as possible and I have to say a BIG thank you to the hard working food truckers that came out to feed the hungry mob that congregated from 4pm-7pm!
We started off with an oven baked pizza from Fire n Dough, opting for the sweet potato pizza; a wood fired thin crust dough accompanied caramelised sweet potato and fresh rosemary, in other words, a carby world of heaven!
Next up we ordered some tiny soft tacos from Oi Taco, we went for a mix of both the roasted chicken and the black beans, both with fresh tomato salsa and cheese, tiny but tasty!
Lastly on the main meal menu we checked out How We Roll, I'm afraid to say these guys just weren't on their game last night and after a half an hour wait, these little rolls just didn't fill the gaping holes in our hungry tummies. Perhaps they were just short staffed and I hope they have a better go next time, as their menu looked delicious!
After watching the sun set over the bustling car park we decided to top off our dinners with a sweet treat from Chip Tease, we ordered the signature dessert; hot sweet potato fries coated in cinnamon sugar, drizzled with Nutella and topped off with whipped cream, anyone else need a bucket for their watering mouths? Whoever came up with this is a genius! These guys definitely came out on top of the food truck list for us, great friendly staff, tasty food delivered pronto and a cute rockabilly theme to delight the senses and dazzle the trivia loving mind.
Unfortunately our bellies didn't have room for the Sushi, King of Wings or Cronut vans but they looked to be serving up some delicious options also.
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