Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Importance of Me Time

In today's crazy world where we are constantly bombarded with advertising, constantly connected to social media and constantly plugged into this fast paced world of ours, sometimes you just need a little alone time.
Me time.
Time to collate your thoughts without any pressure from outside sources.
No one asking you to work to a deadline, no one asking when you'll be ready to go, no one questioning your past actions and no pressure to be somewhere at an exact moment in time.
Me time is crucial to our survival and is different to all individuals.
For me, I love to go for a run, I plug in my Ipod and I just go, I don't think of anything in particular I just let all my thoughts wash over me. I find it a great way to solve any problems that I might have been thinking about and I use my me time as a way of recharging my personal batteries.
Some people take naps (I'm also a fan of the nap), some read books, some do their washing, whatever it is that works for you, just make sure you take the time to do it.
Our minds are beautiful, intricate and delicate beings and just as we take care of our bodies, we should take care of our minds and emotions too.

Watch a movie, draw, play sport, take yourself to the beach, what ever works for you, just make sure you take some time out to stop worrying about all the mistakes you've made in the past, don't stress over what will come from the week approaching, just allow yourself to revel in the moment and enjoy who you are at that very time in your life.
No day will be repeated and every day is a gift, so cherish it.
You are here.
Enjoy it.