Thursday, January 1, 2015

Au revoir 2014

Like many, I love to reflect on my past to see how much has changed, what mistakes I made and what lessons I learnt from making said mistakes.
2014 was a big year for me.
I let go of so much negativity and embraced a whole lot of happiness and positivity.
I made new friends, expanded my mind, worked towards and achieved new goals and let go of a few poisonous people along the way.
On January first 2014 I decided to keep a happiness jar, a reflective method of ensuring that at the end of each day I could find something beautiful about my world and something that I felt grateful for and that made me smile.
Today I tipped all of my little paper cranes, parrots, origami hearts and simple folded paper memes and read them back to myself.
2014 was a year of exponential growth for me.
I let go of relationships that no longer served me with happiness and I embraced new ones that filled my heart with love.
I read fantastic books.
I took a language class.
I had major dental surgery.
I bought a new car.
I got a new job and got promoted.
I fell in love.

I spent time with people that matter the most to me.
I went on some hilarious adventures.
I travelled.
I cried.
I baked.
I visited galleries.
I spent time with people I loved.
I watched my niece grow.
I laughed, a lot!
I ran in a charity run and raised money for Cancer research.
I got to sew for myself.
I had long phone calls.
I ate some amazing food!
I went to hospital, unfortunately as a patient.
I booked an overseas holiday (for 2015).
I actually had a great New Years Eve.
When I look back at all the little notes scattered across my lap, one thing remains constant, the theme that seems to pop up the most is love. Love for my boyfriend, love for my beautiful friends, love of my job and love for my family. The people in my life are the source of so much of my happiness.
"Caught up with TJ and Flick at the new Kwan Brothers! So much delicious food and with great people"
"We had a surprise party for mum for her Birthday. She was so excited!"
"Good Friday! We had a big get together for Dads birthday and Easter. It was great to have everyone together!"
"Night out with my girls! Had a slight delay when I locked my keys in my car but at least I now have RACQ hahaha!."
"Spent an amazing day with Ash and we decided to become officially boyfriend and girlfriend. He's the most incredible man I've ever met".
"Mini escape with my amazing man. Best night, indulging in a spa bath with champagne and nibblies."
"Very blessed to have such beautiful people in my life"
The other common theme was job satisfaction, last year earmarked a new endeavour for me as I decided to take a year away from my business and work for the man. Turns out, I actually really enjoy working for someone else and the financial freedom of having a fulltime job (with no ongoing business expenses) allowed me to fulfil my goal of buying a new car. Every time I get in my little Kitten (that's my cars name) I feel a sense of pride and achievement. The work isn't particularly stressful or taxing on the old brain cells, but it's fun, the people I work with are fantastic, and as far as working full time goes, I have no real complaints.
"Can't believe that March is almost over already! I had a chat with my new boss and he said I'm doing really well at work. Also had my last French class, sad but exciting!"
"Had a meeting with my CEO and found out that I'm being promoted to 2IC of Indooroopilly!" 2/7/14
I loved expanding my mind with new projects and although I let my blogging slip I delved into books with a new fire and passion, not only that but I started learning French and intend on continuing this into the new year too!
"Had a super productive day off. I've almost finished reading The Great Gatsby and hopefully I've found a car to buy!" 21/7/14
2014 was filled with such great diversity as I found that not everyone in your life is meant to stay and not every day will be all smiles. Some days are hard, some weeks are hard, but life sets you challenges for a reason; you have to remain strong enough to see through the haze, knowing that there will be so much more for you once you get through the shit.
"Today I am grateful for the air I breathe and the life I lead." 21/6/14
"The sun came out and I woke up, but everything else was kind of shit" 10/3/14
Despite having a roller coaster year, I absolutely wouldn't have changed a thing, my New Year resolution isn't to lose a certain number of kilo's or to travel to 36 different countries, I have no desire to purchase a house just yet and I'm not going to cut out all forms of carbohydrates from my diet, instead, my New Year's resolution is this:
Be happy!
If I can look back at 2015 and say "yes I am happy" then I will have achieved my goal. I don't believe that you should wait for a new year to set unrealistic goals that you just beat yourself up on by Australia Day, I believe that every day is an opportunity for greatness, and every day you can take another step in your thousand foot journey.
Enjoy your year.
Don't over think the past.
Allow yourself the freedom to do what your heart desires.
"Had a little blast from the past. So much has happened and changed in just a few short years." 24/6/14