Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Three Top Tips for Breaking Black

After entering back into the world of menswear this year, I've noticed my style becoming somewhat influenced by what's around me. Menswear is so often about working with a classic foundation and adding accessories, splashes of colour, and simple textures to make a look both unique and occasion appropriate. So after seeing what the talented design team at Bonobos have put together this season I decided to write my three top tips for working with black, both for guys and girls. 

A simple black or grey palate starts you off with a sophisticated base which can be accessorised for any occasion. Take a classic black suit, or dark charcoal as your base, team with white or pale colors to bring that suit to life. If it's a good cut and fits you correctly, you're already half way there.  
In my wardrobe black is always my best friend, when there's nothing in that wardrobe, you can guarantee my LBD will be right for any occasion, with a few simple accessories I'm ready for anything. This gorgeous piece is from Cynthia Coetzer. 

My next pick is inspired by tweed, a classic in menswear, often associated with the notion of gentlemanly ways. A tweed coat or suit will always make you look dapper, just remember to get the fit right! When you're playing with textures make sure the suit is cut close to your body so you don't over emphasise your size. 

This notion can be used in womenswear too, rather than playing with tweed, I've found that lace often works in the same way. A lace dress will hide any trouble spots you may have and highlight your feminie attributes. Lace, floral and geometric patterns fill most of my wardrobe as they're so versatile and can be changed up to suit any occasion. This little lacey number is from Review. 

Lastly I couldn't go past the Tux. This last look is ininspired by Bonobos stunning tuxedo! Nothing says classic like black and white so make sure you rock this with a crisp white shirt and black bow tie. 

Ladies black and white will never lead you astray, bold colors and great, but if you want to keep it classic use a monochromatic palete and an asasymmetrical print. Add some drop earrings and sky high heels and you're ready for your fairy-tale evening out. Gown by Evelyn Curtis.

Black is no longer just for funerals and the office, make the most of this versatile Outfit choice; mix, match and have fun with it!  
Check out the new collection at www.Bonobos.com