Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Two Zero One Three

According to Facebook My 20 Highlights of 2013 go along the lines of this:
Several collection albums were highlighted as "moments of 2013" with my product selling both online and in stores
The arrival of my niece
Passion Fashion Event
My war with a huntsman in my parents bathroom
My onesie purchase
My day at the Women in Creative Industires talk
An image I shared expressing that women need to empower themselves by putting their clothes back on and start acting like ladies
The races
My best friends 22nd birthday party
My first ever visit to the hospital as a patient
My first "professional" modelling shoot
My brother and his now fiancé's engagement party
My rant on how men should buy women flowers because it's a nice thing to do and not just because they're in trouble
My parents 38th wedding anniversary
Art & Style Event
To be honest Facebook, you've done a rather good job, but I have to say, there are a few things I would probably miss out of my top 20 list, and there are definitely a few things that got skipped along the way.
Pretty dam cute, sure, but is this a 2013 highlight?
Firstly yes, it was a huge year for Evelyn Curtis and I've definitely made more items of clothing, participated in more shoots and shows and sold more pieces than I ever have before. One of my proudest moments with Evelyn Curtis was making it through to the finals of Capulet's Fashion Friday's Designer Competition. I adored the collection I put together for the show and was absolutely gobsmacked when I made it through to the finals. So I would probably have to add that to my list! However, despite all the amazing achievements of the past 12 months, I have decided to side line Evelyn Curtis in 2014 to focus on bigger things. Change is as good as a holiday they say, so I'm hoping with a little clarity, I will be able to return to EC with bright eyes in the future, for now however I will just be doing the odd custom job here and there and making pieces for myself.
My last collection for 2013 She Wears A Crown, showcased at Art & Style Event
The arrival of my niece was most definitely a highlight, so congrats to you on that one Facebook! Since little Niccola has come into the world my whole family has become so much closer, with regular catchups, play dates and dinners scheduled monthly I've never spent so much time with my oldest brother and his wife and I'm so happy to have such a close family.
This is what perfection looks like.
What Facebook isn't aware of is, that with the arrival of my little angel I also let go of something that was once very special to me. After three years of turbulence I walked away from my last relationship, realising that I needed to rediscover who I was as a person and what it was that I wanted in life. I moved out of my dream apartment and moved back in with my parents (only for six weeks). I then moved back out and made a conscious decision to try life alone and now I couldn't be happier. I have a fabulous place to live and although I haven't found anyone to share my life with on an intimate level I have the most amazing family, friends and now I have a furry companion! Yes I am officially a cat lady (minus the crazy, and I will only ever have one). Needless to say, rescuing Duchess from a shelter was definitely a highlight! Although she is a little scared of strangers, my little ball of fur is so loving and affectionate and a great bed companion (she doesn't snore!)
Duchess, Queen of my heart <3 td="">
Passion Fashion Event was a HUGE show for me and a shock to my system, having been out of the event organising field for quite some time. Through some kind of magic I pulled the show together in just six weeks and it was a great success. I had the opportunity to work with so many talented people and I feel incredibly grateful that so many designers, models, photographers and hair and makeup artists were willing to work with me.
I can't say that my war on a huntsman (that left me trapped in a bathroom for 45 minutes, while I threw soap at it trying to kill it so I could leave the bathroom) would be a highlight of my year, sorry FB, and while we're on that topic I wouldn't count my onesie purchase, a shared image about girls self respect (although this is very important), my friends birthday (although this was a great night) or a random status about flowers but I do have a few I'd like to add to my list!
My talk at the Women in Creative Industries Day was an amazing achievement for me. To be recognised by my previous institution as a woman doing well in her industry was such an incredible feeling. Not only was it a super special feeling as though I had made enough of a difference to be asked to speak to others about my experience, but I had a fabulous day where I got to meet other amazing women who were making huge waves in their own fields. I am still in contact with  a few of the amazing women I met at my table and it's so great to see them all reaching for the stars and achieving so many amazing things!
RAW was a highlight for me but in an unusual way. Usually leading up to an event I have my gal pals to bounce ideas off, discuss my newest collection and ultimately have them all attend my event and see my pieces on the catwalk. When RAW came around however, three of my very best gal pals were overseas. As a result I created a collection that I wasn't at all in love with, with no one to discuss my plans with I think it fell a little short of my expectations. The lovely models, makeup and hair stylist I got to work with were fabulous as always, and a few of the items sold within a week of the photos being put on Facebook, so I can't complain. It definitely taught me that my work is always better when I open myself up to others and when I talk about and share my work. Creativity alone is just not the same as creativity that is shared and discussed!
With my beautiful girls at RAW
The races may have been put into the highlights reel on Facebook, but really I have had so many adventures that I've embarked on this year with my lady friends. We have all become extremely close and added new friends along the way.
We plan adventures every month, with dinner or brunch catch ups almost weekly. Not to mention a few of my amazing gal pals that live down the coast, although I don't see them as regularly, we always have an amazing time when we do get to see each other.
This year I have been to Australia Zoo, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Mt Tamborine, Whale Watching, Oktoberfest, a dress up Halloween party, the beach (several times), various market days, the theatre, several fashion shows, more brunches, dinners and desserts than you can poke a stick at, picnics and fort making nights, not to mention a ton of fabulous nights out dancing, drinking and giggling our way through life, including my birthday! 
At my Tacky Tikki Party for my birthday
We already have a handful of adventures ready and waiting for us in 2014, and I am so excited to create even more memories with my fabulous girls.
This year I got admitted to hospital (twice) as a patient, it was a new experience for me as I'd never been to hospital due to my own health concerns before. I contracted a rather nasty kidney infection (first time) and then became severally dehydrated from vomiting as a result of the flu (second time). I found out just what it's like to be stuck on a drip, feeling like rubbish whilst your parents fall asleep in a chair beside you. I am incredibly blessed to have my fabulous parents who would travel to the end of the earth to ensure I was safe, and this year they proved that, coming to get me in the middle of the night and insisting I live with them until I recovered fully.
Thank you Mum and Dad!
I also had my first ever "professional" modelling gig, I did a handful of shoots this year and plan on doing several next year as I actually really enjoy putting myself out of my comfort zone and trying something new.
The reason I call it a professional job is because it wasn't just a fun muck around gig with friends, or me asking my boyfriend to take pictures in my latest collection on his SLR. The images are currently being used by the designer for all her marketing and promotional material. It is such an odd feeling seeing my face being used as the cover girl for a label as I've never considered myself to be of model stature (and I still don't). I absolutely loved working with both Cynthia (designer) and Michelle (photographer) and I hope to work with them again in the future. I am no pro model by any means, but after the shoot I found myself being asked to do a few other smaller shoots for other projects which were all super fun too!
A definite highlight of the year would be my gorgeous brother proposing to his beautiful fiancĂ©. The engagement was sweet and simple but the engagement party was something out of an OC backyard party. The party itself was an immense amount of work and looked like something you would see Ryan and Marissa attending but it was also a heck of a lot of fun! I met so many new people and we all had a ball! Congrats to the amazing couple! Only a few years until the wedding and I've loved being so involved in both the engagement party and the wedding prep. Speaking of weddings and the like, my amazing parents celebrated their 38th year of marriage and 40th year of companionship. They are a testament to relationships and I hope to one day find a man that I can hold down 40+ years with...Prince Charming, I'm waiting?!
With my little niece at the Engagement Party
Lastly, my most recent endeavour Art & Style, the biggest event I'd ever put together, held at The Met, saw four artists and five designers, nineteen models, two hair stylists, three makeup artists and one DJ come together for one big collaborative evening! Although the event didn't draw the massive crowd I was expecting, and despite soooo many things going haywire, I absolutely loved it and I can't wait to create the next instalment of Art & Style in 2014.
Of course, for me personally my all time highlight of the year is always Christmas! It is a time for family, friends, good food, taking naps and giving cuddles. It's the time of reflection and laughter and it is the time to feel grateful for all of the amazing things you have in your life and all the fabulous things you have had the opportunity to do. I am forever grateful for everyday I am alive and well, and this being New Years Eve, I have no resolutions, only gratitude. I do not feel the need to become a "new me" for I am always evolving as a person and I don't think that a new year should signify a complete overhaul of a human being. If you need to make some changes in your life, just wake up and do it. Quit your job and get a new one, stop smoking or travel the world, whatever it is that you need to do to make yourself happy, do that!

P.S. I cut my hair short :O :D

Happy New Year! xx