Tuesday, June 4, 2013

RAW Brisbane: Expressions

Come July I'll once again be pulling clumps of my hair out as I rush around like a chicken with my head cut off preparing for my debut at RAW Brisbane, but before the madness begins, I thought I'd take the opportunity on Friday night to check it all out first hand. Accompanied by my delightful wife, Claire Nada (aka Fashion's Sweethart) and Selby Pearce from Spotting Street.
Claire in a Kitten D'Amour Dress and I in an Evelyn Curtis
Image: Spotting Street
Selby, Claire and I
Image: Spotting Street
There was so much talent it was almost overwhelming, almost! It was like walking into a wonderland of incredibly talented people. Upon arrival I noticed an incredible installation by Raven Blackhart, a sensory wonderland of papery mystery! This was such an incredible installation which completely sucked me in with all the intricate detail of it's fantastic hand cut flowers and sweet smell, like jasmine on a warm Summery afternoon. Inside a little stool sat longingly under a canopy of delicate paper flowers, leaves and butterflies. Ravens attention to detail really shone through this amazing wonderland and her storybook concept really bedazzled everyone who experienced it. Not only did she create all of the amazing art work on the walls surrounding the tree but she also created this dress!

Photo: Natalie Rap Interlaced Media

After getting lost in a paper wonderland we headed upstairs to the artisans display room, where I was hit with an array of amazing artists all beaming proudly as people ooohhhed and ahhhed over their talented products. I was particularly fond of Sarah Jane Bradley with her amazing detailed and delicate animals, my favourites being her foxes and owls. Sarah's ability to capture emotion through her art gives her beautiful work so much strength, with images that reel you in and tug at your imagination, begging you to reach out and touch the soft down of the owl you see in front of you.

Another favourite would have had to be Kira Crees, the mixed media goddess had me so intrigued by her beautiful images. I loved the way she displayed the female form and her use of colour ignites emotions of lust and wonder, and I've taken a particular liking to her bottled animal series. I'm hoping to get my hands on a bottled fawn or fox in the near future! Brisbane is so lucky to have so many talented artists right here in our backyard!

After wondering through the art exhibition we headed downstairs to listen to a few adorable folky-esque bands and watch a bizarre short film (which was actually really good) entitled "Don't Fear the Reaper", a fun film about the concept of death which was strangely hilarious.

Finally came the fashion show! Four incredible designers showcased their newest collections, the catwalk show featured; Mr Prints, Lipoa Threads, Amber Alexis The Label, Zara McKenna and my favourite of the night Jessica Tovey The Label. Although everyone put out stella collections I have been watching Jessica Tovey for a while and I am astounded by the quality of work she puts out. Some designers rely on great fabric to make simple designs really shine but with Jessica Tovey it is her attention to detail and superb tailoring that make her a real fashion talent! Her strong silhouettes and definite design style made her a stand out to me. Here are a few of my favourite pieces, images courtesy of Spotting Street.


It was a fantastic night and I'm so excited to start my collection to show on July 19th. It will be a full Winter Sleepwear collection and I can't wait to show you all what I come up with! Hope you all had super weekends!