Saturday, January 5, 2013

Writing from the couch

Welcome to 2013! The year to be, or so I'm told, so far I've spent the majority of the year in less than bright spirits. I'm coming to you from my couch as I'm currently condemned to house arrest thanks to a case of influenza A with a side of chest infection. Fun is not a word I would use to describe my current situation, despite many thinking how wonderful it would be to sit around and do nothing for a week and a half, I'm not one to do nothing. I'm going bananas cooped up watching foxtel and having my body go through mini shut downs ever few hours. To distract myself I decided to jump on to see what the world of Internet shopping could offer me, turns out, there really is a lot I like.
Problem being, I've just come back from a week of holidays and adventuring is rather expensive these days. By the time I get back to work it will be almost three weeks of no pay, as you can imagine this is not an ideal situation for shopping, so cyber window shopping will be all this little sale bunny will be doing (at least until I get some savings back in the piggy bank). My fave online shopping haunts are 1. Princess Polly, which I did actually shop with before my holiday but I contained myself from buying everything I wanted. 2. Etsy, so many adorable pieces of handmade and vintage I always find so many pieces to love! 3. Asos, a friend recommended Asos to me and although I'm yet to purchase I've found plenty of pieces I'm eager to purchase!
Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of this sick business is that I can't go and spend my vouchers that I received for my birthday and Christmas! I was saving them for the sales but was unable to spend them just yet due to not being anywhere near stores and now not being aloud to be anywhere near a store!
Alas it will all be over soon and I'll be back at work in no time, most likely wishing I was sitting on the couch doing nothing. Till then it will be more online browsing and expanding my mind of the new styles of the coming season. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and to anyone else with the flue, hope you feel better soon! Xx

Just a handful of adorable styles I've fallen in love with whilst dying upon my couch.