Sunday, January 27, 2013

Greetings from the big wet!

For those not living in Brisbane let me inform you, a tornado warning is not something we are usually accustomed to, but this dreary weekend has provided us with our first. Forcing the usual beach/pool/tan ritual of a normal weekend off into a weekend of indoor activities. The thing is, this usually wouldn't bother me as I'm often inside for at least half of my weekend working, but this weekend I had planned to have off to celebrate our countries big day, and spend some quality time with my boyfriend and our friends.
It's currently blowing gale force winds and hasn't stopped raining (torrential rain) for several hours, consequently I'm blogging and my boyfriend is playing racing games on his computer, so much for quality time in the sun, but I digress. All of this indoor business has not been in vain. I've had a super busy week, turning out four tops and a dress from the studio this week (and possibly something extra depending on how tired I am this afternoon) as well as working in the store a few days too, to say I'm a little tired would be an understatement. Being forced to stay indoors has actually been a blessing in disguise! I've had time to start designing my next cocktail and formal collection and rethink some business strategy, not to mention I finally had time to take down the Christmas decorations and paint my toenails. It's funny how you forget to take time out for yourself when you're married to your work but I think it's important to remember there's more to life than just your career. For anyone slaving themselves to get ahead, whether it's your own small business or you're working your way through the ranks of someone else's company, don't forget to take some time out for yourself. Read a good book, have a nap or watch a funny movie. You'll be amazed at how a little R&R can make you come back to your work with fresh eyes, ready to create even better work than before! I hope everyone's had a fabulous weekend and stayed safe in this wild weather! Xx

Here's a snap shot of a few pieces I've made this week and a little look at the wild weather outside.