Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Change of Heart

Morning all, I'm coming to you live from what will most likely be my last appearance at Young Designer Markets at Southbank. I've been doing the markets now for about 7 months and although I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as far as launching my label is concerned, I can safely say this is not the avenue to do so, at least not for me. I'm surrounded by mostly hobby mums and small businesses in the craft industry and although it's taken me quite a while to realise, I want Evelyn Curtis to be more than a little business and most definitely something more than a hobby. I think the hardest part about the markets is that the majority of people walking around are just wanting to waste their day. So there's no guarantee that the people browsing through your stall are remotely interested in buying anything and this has been something I've been a little consumed with recently. Rather than working on growing my brand and my business I became so concerned with what I could sell at the markets that I got completely side tracked.
Despite being a cocktail and formal dress designer I started making earrings, bangles, rings, brooches and even pin cushions in an attempt to make more sales for the markets. I know now that I need to refocus my business brain to contact boutiques and business and work at becoming stocked in more bricks and mortar stores not pop up market marquees.
As nice as it is when someone makes a purchase and finds appreciation in something you've made, there are far more people walking right past your stall, or worse still, commenting that they could make what you've made and that they would never spend their money on buying such an item.
So here's to brighter horizons. Watch this space because I have big plans to take this little label to an exciting new place. Wish me luck and have a fabulous weekend all!