Sunday, July 22, 2012

Marathon Month!

Hello all you fashionable lovers in cyber space! Long time, no blog! I know, I've been a very slack blogger, my apologies.So what has been going on the past month? I might just have to summarise otherwise this will be a very long blog indeed! So here it is, this is why I've been ignoring you all :)
  • I moved house. I moved from my tiny little room in Carseldine to an apartment in Teneriffe, and with people I actually really like! I have a kitchen I can actually use without being attacked by ants, an outside living area for my tiny herbs and a lovely suburb to call home.
  • New shoot. I had a fabulous new shoot with a group of very talented people (I'll post pics very soon) organised through a TFP group on Facebook, we all came together to recreate an image from a stimulus picture. It was super fun to play around with the circus style shoot, and I got to make a brand new dress for it!
  • New Product. I've been super busy making all sorts of new product including cupcake pincushions, a new dress, new accessories and new scarf jackets. To see whats new just visit the store.
  • Markets. Ive done a few markets this past month including The Young Designer Markets at Southbank and the BrisStyle Indie Designer Markets at St Augustines Church. As well as going along to the Finders Keepers markets to check out who's doing what in the Brissy craft scene.
  • Shopping! Of course, when do I not go shopping in a whole month? hahaha. Lucky me, I picked up a gorgeous pair of Balenciaga mustard Pumps from a little French boutique for an absolute steal!
  • I got Instagram!  I have been wanting it for ages but since my phone struggles to make a phone call I knew it wouldn't happen via my telecommunication device, but anyways if you want to follow me find me @lexi_evelyn_curtis
  • Cooking. Since I now have a lovely kitchen to cook in and no longer having to fight a plague of ants to do so, Ive been going mad in the kitchen, cooking everything from cheesecake to toffee apple muffins to cupcakes. It's been great getting adventurous with dinners too!
  • Shows/ Parties.  Aside from attending a few little get togethers with friends I was also privileged to attend the final hoorah of Rachel Burkes "I make it you wear it" Prom night. I went along with two gorgeous girls as we took in all that was good and pompomalicious on offer.
  • I was in a movie!  Well not me technically but my label was, I dressed the characters of a short film called Pedestrian Games.
  • Work. Yes that pesky need for money to live has been a huge consumer of time lately, but hey a girls got to eat I guess.
So there you have it, my month of crazyness, Ive loved every minute of it and it only gets more exciting every day! The next month is set to be just as insane with my product landing a spot in Peppermint magazine, I'm off to Melbourne for a week and I have lots of new pretties to make, including a custom dress for a very gorgeous girl. Hope everyone has had a fabulous month! stay tuned for pics from my latest shoot, The Girl in The Ring. xx