Friday, April 6, 2012

The Man Shirt Skirt

This is something I've been wanting to try for some time now but up until Wednesday did not have the right shirt for it. The man shirt skirt is something I stumbled across while on youtube many moons ago, and although intrigued and very impressed with what I had witnessed had up until today not actually tried myself. What you'll need is a nice mens button up shirt, preferably something with a bold stripe or pattern for this to look its best. If done well, the man shirt skirt doesn't even look like a shirt, rather just an unusual and savvy style skirt that will have everyone turning heads and giving you a coy smile. I purchased my shirt from Industrie on sale, and I'd definitely recommend at least a size Large, the bigger the better as it will give you more fabric to play with.
Here's my outfit of the day.
Tank Top: Bardot
Man Shirt (Skirt): Industrie
Chain and Lion Ring: Vintage and Ebay
Shoes: Rubi
Handbag: Portmans

I went with simple make up as I have the flue at the moment and I hate wearing a lot of makeup when I feel like death. A soft blush with illuminating powder thrown over the top, a slick of liquid eyeliner and a dash of mascara was all I needed. As per usual I did nothing with my hair and left it crazy/messy/bedheadish.

So now you've seen how I do it, why not try it yourself, its super easy to do, really comfy for wearing all day at work, or even a night out with your girl friends! Just follow these simple steps to make the mans shirt skirt work for you.

Step 1
Put the shirt on around your waist and button up from the bottom (hem) to the top (neck) missing the first hole so that the buttons are uneven at the hem, button till you reach your waist. It is better to be slightly too loose than too tight.

Step 2
Take both arms and tightly tie them in front of you to secure the waist. Pull tightly, think of it like a high waisted belt.
Step 3
Tie the two arms in another knot but this time only pull one arm half way through to form one side of the bow. Yank down on the long free arm to secure the bow arm.

Step 4
Adjust bow arm to a full fan and adjust sleeve of bow arm to match, squiggle around till bow is in ideal position.

Wear and enjoy!