Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello Slacker!

To anyone who is a genuine reader of my blog I must apologise for my tardiness and lack of blog posts. My computer has been out of action getting an update (hoorah for Windows 7, boo for taking two weeks to install it!) I hope everyone has been well, living their dreams and generally enjoying life, just as I have been!
Since my last (rather depressing) post I've been a very busy bee indeed. You'll be pleased to know I've reentered the world of social interaction with friends and I've finally finished a new dress, one that I'd been working on for almost three weeks and I absolutely love it and I've done about a million things so here it is! My usual weeks by picture run down so you can see what I've been up to :) Sorry about the pictures being sideways, despite having tried numerous ways to fix this, it just won't work, so I apologise for the head tilting.
I've gotten back into shooting and had an amazing day playing stylist with a fabulous team of professionals. This shoot was a portfolio shoot for two Vivien's Models Jess and Angie, I had the pleasure of working with two people whom I absolutely adore and respect so much, Kathryn from Kathryn Rose Make-Up Artistry (www.krosemua.com) and Kassidy from Kassidy Yang Photography (http://www.facebook.com/kassidyyangphotography ).
Here are a few behind the scenes pics from the day, when I get the edited pics I'll post those up too :)

Kassidy capturing the fun!

Kathryns beautiful work, this is her before and after, she created two looks, one natural and one dramatic.

Angie getting a touch up on set.

My EC Man Tee samples arrived and I'm totally digging them!. I made one of the guys at my work try it on and give me some feedback on the fit and fabric. They're a really soft cotton and because the print is died and not screen printed on, they feel great on the skin.

Jaydon modelling my first tee!

Each tee will have a print from one of my photo shoots. This is the first print I had done, this shoot was for a magazine  called ProtoTYPE.
 I now have all my tags and my lovely intern has begun hand sewing them to all garments, they look so professional.
I have finally finished collecting all the material I want for my winter street wear collection. Although knowing me I'll probably change my concept a few days before I'm set to begin it. I want something soft and pretty, lots of lace with scalloped edging and of course, bows bows bows!

Having collected countless types of materials Ive finally settled on these cute florals and creamy laces for my winter collection.

 I finally had the chance to paint my toes, I know my feet are gross, ignore the creepy toes and look at the cute polka dotted nails!

My hideous feet.

I also got spoilt and was sent off to get my hair done at Oscar Oscar. I'm such a lucky little lady!

Fresh from the groomers, ready for a night out.

I had my first Sunday off in about 6 or 7 weeks so I went to brunch and enjoyed a relaxing day out. I spent the day at Teneriffe looking at apartments that I might own in 10 years time and went to a comedy festival to complete a lovely day out.
I finally cleaned up my studio and finished a dress I'd been working on for weeks! Unfortunately only having a few days off here and there it sometimes takes a few weeks to finish a dress that would usually only take four or five days to make, but if I spent all my time sewing I'd be broke! So it's a price I'm happy to pay. I love this piece, I've made it a separate top and skirt, both adjustable as I feel it gives the dress better continuity as two pieces.

Princess Satin Halter top, made with Ivory Satin and Crystal Organza.

With the Pretty Poppy Chiffon Mullet Skirt

The hem is finished with an Ivory ribbon trim.

The back of the dress. The skirt is adjustable with a pull in ribbon waist and the top wraps around the waist to form a bow at the front, but can be worn up to the discretion of the wearer. (P.s. Ignore the little pink ribbons crossing over the back, they're on the mannequin, not part of the dress.)

My week was finished off with a bake date with my lovelies, a friends birthday bash, a lavish date night out and a relaxing girls weekend away. It was one of my dearests birthdays so we went to the Gold Coast for a mini escape on Sunday. We had an amazing lunch at Saks at Marina Marriage, then went back to our hotel room at the Watermark, had drinks, wandered Surfers and shopped. The next day we had another lovely meal out, did some more shopping, soaked up the sun and even went for a stroll along the beach. I bought some gorgeous new clothes including a skirt from Princess Polly, a new dress from Sobi and some cute undies from Cotton On Body. All in all a very lovely weekend! 

My lovely gf and I at the beach.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!
Now it's time to get back to work, I have orders to post :D