Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A week in the life of

Readying myself for a busy week ahead.
Recently I've encountered a rather strange yet lovely little thing happening to me from a few people from my past. People I went to school with (six years ago) or people I worked with years ago, have randomly been popping out of the woodwork, to tell me they think what I'm doing is rather fabulous. As lovely as this little boost is, I think there may be some misconception of what I do and how glamorous my life really is (or isn't as the case actually is). Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the support I get from my lovely friends, family and the odd random, but there is a lot more to my life than what you see on the blogosphere and Facebook page. There are a lot of tears, but plenty of triumphs, I spend a phenomenal amount of time on my own, which makes me feel very lonely, and I miss out on a lot of what is going on in my friends lives, which makes me feel like the worlds shittiest friend most weekends.

I don't recall the last time I had my hair done, or painted my nails, most of the money I make from my casual job goes into my business, I have little or no time off as even when I'm not at work I'm still working on the business. Even today was suppose to be a day off, one I had specially been looking forward to spending with my man, but due to his busy schedule, our day off together was promptly ended by 1pm. Short of sitting in front of the television by myself all day I decided to do business stuff, what can I say? I can't sit around and do nothing.

I can hardly complain mind you, no one is holding a gun to my head and telling me to try and get my business off the ground. I could quite easily go get a full time job working for someone else, going home at the end of my day to a normal life, but I wouldn't be happy doing it, so I don't see why I would take the easier option, just because it is the easier option. No, sorry, not interested.

I think the easiest way to explain my busy life would be to mark out what a week for me would be like, day by day so that as a reader you can understand why I sometimes take two weeks to post a new blog. It's not through a lack of doing interesting stuff, but more a lack of time to post about my adventures.
So here it is, a typical week for me!

Monday. Monday is intern day, I pick up my lovely girl Tina from the Strathpine station in the morning (usually around 10am). For me I spend most of the day sewing, and assigning small tasks for Tina to do (shes an absolute Godsend) as it allows me to sew rather than worry about uploading pics onto Etsy, or organising photoshoots or answering emails. Quite often we'll go get supplies from either op shops or Spotlight, I like when we get time to do this, as it feels like a shopping trip, something I don't get to do very often. We work together in my studio till about 4pm or 5pm when I drop her back at the station and head off to the gym. Monday night is always a Nandos or Noodlebox night, because by the time I get home it's usually about 9pm, I eat, check my emails and head to bed. Sometimes, if I'm lucky my man will stay with me after having gone to the gym together, but this is never a sure thing.
Sewing Sewing Sewing

Tuesday. Tuesday is suppose to be my day off so I get all the boring things done like washing, grocery shopping, emails and hopefully a blog. I sometimes like to spend some time making something little, but I'll keep it relaxed so I can have a play around with something new I've bought and wanted to experiment with. Tuesday is also a day I'll make any online purchases, today I ordered new labels, I'm super excited to get them, these will be my first printed satin size labels! Tuesdays I like to try to get to the gym a bit earlier about 6pm and when I get home I like to cook dinner, after all, I've just done the grocery shopping!
My new size labels, ordered today, I should have them by next week.

Wednesday. Wednesday is a work day, I work from 9:30am till 6pm and usually catch up with my wife after work for dinner. It's sometimes a bit of a late night, but I don't mind because I love catching up with her. We try out a new place each week and despite the cost I always look forward to our dinner date. Unfortunately my wife is now overseas for the next three weeks, so Wednesday nights I'll now be alone, most likely sewing.
My wife and I at Cloudland

Thursday. Thursday is a bit of a mixed bag and tends to be a day I find myself either working or sewing, if working I might pop over early to my studio to pick up something to do that night or if I'm not working I'll spend the day there and then stop for dinner to catch up with my parents, do some more sewing and finish up about midnight.

Friday. Friday is a definite work day and although everyone else is celebrating the weekend, my weekend usually means work so it never feels that exciting to me. Some Friday nights I'll make a social endeavour (Friday's make great bake nights when we are all available but this hasn't happened the past few weeks) Friday's are also a popular night with the fashion crowd, so when there's an event on I'll try to russle up a plus one and head on over to take a squizz at what who is doing here in the Brissy Fashion scene. If there's nothing happening I'm usually so tired all I can manage is a glass of wine, no dinner, a quick catch up with my housemates, an hour or so of email trawling and off to bed.
At Limes Rooftop bar for a Fashion Show.

Saturday. I love Saturdays, although I work Saturdays I have a lunch cover so I'm not by myself all day and they tend to go pretty quickly. Before the markets I use to go out on a Saturday night but now that I have to be up before the sun rises most Sunday mornings to attend markets, I haven't been out for about  6 weeks. I'll usually spend Saturday night getting ready for my market, ensuring I have stock and float and then packing my hatchback to its capacity ready to go for the morning. I'll attempt to get to bed earlyish but I usually watch TV and think about how much fun I'm missing out on, if only I had a life.
Ensuring everything is tagged and ready to be bagged.

Sunday. I haven't been hung over on a Sunday for quite some time now, mainly because I haven't been out. For the past 5 weeks I've been attending markets every Sunday and this usual requires me to be up super early (depending on the market usually between 5am-6am) to be at my market setting up by 7am -8am. When I'm doing TVM at Burleigh I leave my house by 5:30am to drive from the Northside of Brisbane to Burleigh Heads State School, coffee is essential! As I have to drop all my market gear back to my parents place I'll sometimes stop for dinner on a Sunday night, and then drive myself home to a hot shower and a soft bed.
A very sunny Market Day.

So that's a typical week for me. I've decided that I feel like I work too much and as fabulous as it will be to eventually have my life mapped out on a pretty piece of chiffon, I'm not always convinced having no life at all is worth it. When I was younger my Dad was a work-a-holic and he had a picture on his wall of a beautiful beach with the phrase "Don't ever get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life" and lately that image has been plaguing my brain. I think its time to concentrate on my friends (if I have any left) and get back to having a life, because not having one is starting to make me a rather gloomy fashionista. So friends, if you're reading this, and I've cancelled on you in the past and you've since given up asking me to spend time with you, ask me again, because I am ready to get back to having a life.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!
Much love