Monday, February 27, 2012

Merry Market Day!

Yesterday was week two of my 4 week market marathon. I have signed myself up for four markets back to back which started two weeks ago, with my market day at The Village Markets (TVM) at Burleigh. Despite the very early start (5:30 am) and the long drive to Burleigh (Google map Eatons Hill to Burleigh State School if you're not sure) it was well worth it! To date it was my most successful market, and the first that I came out with much more money than it cost me, I knew this would happen eventually but after having four cost me more than I made, I was beginning to think I should change my career path.
 It was a boiling hot day and very windy, as a result my clothing rack ended up on the floor several times, my polystyrene heads kept flying off the table with their headpieces still attached and my tent felt as though it would blow away if I wasn't holding on to it, but all in all it was a fabulous day. I sold several hair combs, one to an adorable young girl who begged her mum to "please please please" spot her the $8 she was missing to complete her purchase. Too cute! I also sold some new brooches and a necklace. I sold some clothing items too, two of which were my from my scarfs collection, all of these garments are made from vintage scarfs and I create crop tops, jackets and skirts using brightly patterned scarfs. Each is completely different and that's why I love them so much.
 Having seen how people had been responding to them all day it prompted me to get busy during the week and create some new pretties for the Boutique Markets, which were held yesterday, and I'm glad I did! The day after I moved in I went back to my parents place to clean the rooms I had previously been occupying, and as I was waiting for my washing to dry, I thought what better way to spend a few hours than in my studio making some new pieces. Just to clarify, my studio is still at my parents place as my new place has no room for it. Honestly I think my mum prefers it this way anyway because she knows she will see me every Tuesday when my intern and I have an EC studio day.
 I made two new crop tops from a gorgeous cream Indian inspired scarf, as I like to ensure no piece is the same I made one with a cowl neck and one with a boat neck. These little crop tops can be worn either way, with either the scarf at the front or the matching jersey side at the front. My neighbours from the day (a clay beading business from Mt Tambourine "She Beads", Google them, they're amazing!) took quite a lot of interest in the label and at the end of the day purchased one of my crop tops. I had also spent Saturday sewing new scarf jackets, as I had met some girls earlier on in the week that took a very keen interest in the one I was wearing. I got a lot of great feedback on them and I'm super happy with how they look. It was another great market day and despite the bipolar weather (hot-cold-raining-windy-no wind-hot again) I really loved it. It's a tiring exercise but always really rewarding as I see people responding to the things I've put my heart and soul in to create.
Next week I'm back at The Young Designer Markets at Southbank, it's definitely one of my favourite markets so I'm hoping it's a successful one. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!