Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Morning Market!

Today I'm at The Village Markets at Burleigh State School so I thought I'd do a little blog to tell you all how its going, and keep you updated during the day.
It was an early rise, waking up at 5am to ensure we got here by 7am, and we would have if it wasn't for the massive failure that both my dads Tom Tom and my phones gps loosing the plot and effectively getting us lost too, but we got here in the end.
As we pulled onto the grassy oval I liked outside and audibly gasped at the beautiful day outside but as I jumped out of the car with ecstasy I quickly realised it wasnt as perfect a day as I had hoped. The wind is horrendous! Every time the wind blows, I hastily jump to a tent pole to steady it. My clothes racks fell over and everything has greated the grassy floor at least once, but I'm still having fun.
No sales as of yet, but I've only been here for an hour and I've generated a lot of interest which is just as good as a sale...well almost. The feedback from people has been great with litres of people commenting on how lovely they think my work is, so even if I leave with no profit, I'll leave with a big head. Well it's off to sell some of my stock, I'll update you later :)
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