Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lingerie Lover

Like many others, a slight dissatisfaction in a product can often lead me to stray from a favoured brand in search of something new, and hopefully something better. I found this happening last week as I meandered through Chermside, strolling in and out of my usual favoured haunts I was struck with sudden curiosity to visit somewhere new. Enter La SENZA lingerie! Usually I'm a Myer or Cotton on Body kind of girl, but after the last few pairs of cute panties I'd purchased from Cotton on Body ended up having all their colours run in the wash, I was in no mood to be purchasing new ones from the same establishment.
As I walked into this new glimmer of underwear hope heaven I was warmly greated by friendly staff and was soon picking some new favourites to add to my already overflowing draw. With cute designs, affordable prices and quality material I can happily say I've found my new favourite shop for all things underwear related.
The most surprising aspect was the actual product itself. Cotton on Body may create cute designs with even cuter price tags but after a few wears they tend to look as though you've had them since you were 10 years old. The colours run or fade, the prints simply disintegrate in the wash and after a month of wear lose all elasticity and your back at the shops again. Now I've only had my new undies for a week, but I have to say the fit is incredible, the material feels fantastic against the skin and the designs are adorable! Hopefully they wash and wear well, if they do I'd suggest Cotton on, cottons on to the fact that their product needs improving, and maybe then La SENZA will have some competition, as far as I can see, it seems the SENZA has it in the delicates bag.
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