Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outfit Week - Day Two

Today was a hard choice and it took me a while to decide, as I've mentioned I'm on holidays so I am currently living out of a suitcase. Today's adventure will see me goimg over to a nearby Island and spending the day exploring; what's on the Island I'm not too sure, but my outfit definitely needs to be one that's both stylish, comfortable and will be able to keep up with whatever I get up to.

Now I wasn't really expecting anything like this so I have only dresses to choose from, given the option if I were at home I'd probably be sporting some short-shorts and a long tee, but as I said, I may only choose from my suitcase of goodies.

I've gone again with my same bag and shoe combo, these shoes are amazing! When I first bought them I doused them in waterproofer so they generally keep my feet nice and dry, not to mention the huge amount of support they give with their thick soles (yes, I am aware I'm sounding like a bit of a grandmother, but comfort is important). Secondly my little bag is a cheap but roomy one, not to mention it's adorable with its little frills and suits the general colour scheme of my outfit. The dress is from French Connection, although bought several seasons ago this dress is 100% cotton and 100% cool, comfortable and chic, teamed with a shoestring waist belt from Portmans in a deep tan colour to give this seemingly shapeless dress, some definition.

It's very warm today so I put my hair up, teamed with my Sportsgirl sunnies and I'm off to have my adventure

What are you wearing today???