Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Success!

Well as I mentioned earlier on in the week, after watching the fashion panel I spoke to Jessie from Jesselle PR. She had mentioned to me that there may be a chance for me to get my label on TV, by providing some garments for the Gold Lotto, and today that actually happened! I was contacted by one of her staff and asked if I could possibly provide some pieces, I sent off a few pictures and three dresses were chosen. Despite having a rather nasty head cold I drove nervously into their very chic setup in the Valley, dropped off the garments and after realising my garments were competing against two other designers for place of top dress, I crossed my fingers and toes that one of my dresses would be chosen... and it was! My red satin high neck dress was chosen to appear on Liz Cantor for the Oz Lotto draw only moments ago. I was so excited to see my creation on TV I actually cried. It was such a massive achievement to see my garment on the small screen and I am so thankful to everyone that helped make it happen. It may have only been a few seconds in the spotlight but it has made me even more determined to keep doing what I'm doing, and after seeing how many people were as excited about it as me, I know I won't be able to forget this anytime soon.