Monday, March 21, 2011

Information, Participation, Collaboration

So last Wednesday night saw in another wonderful event held by the creative collaboration of Threaded, Brisbane Threads and Alumbra. "How to make a living in Fashion" was a huge success and from my point of view, a really beneficial event to attend. The panel was a mixed group of fashion professionals and included Blayke Jennings - City Beach Buyer, Josh Scacheri - Owner of Subfusco, Jessie Larcombe - Jesselle PR, Patricia Hart - MSIT Lecturer, Jono Cottee - Owner of Vanguard and Andy Wilson - Agent/Owner of Bad Art Agencies. The panel explained their roles and how they got into the industry and then answered the audiences burning questions on how to stand out from the crowd, support your creative art form and most importantly how to become successful in the industry. Blayke stressed the importance of connection in the industry and how important it is to continue to "network with the correct people", as there is nothing worse than collaborating and being involved with someone that has a bad reputation in the industry. Josh warned us of the pitfalls of the fashion world, claiming it to be "a bitch of an industry...It's hard...It's all about persistence". He reiterated that its not the glamorous world that we all think it is, but the roller coaster is definitely worth it, if you can handle the ride. Jessie from Jesselle PR left me with some advice that I think will stand me in good stead as I go through my career. "If you can handle the worst case scenario, then keep going", she was of course talking about business risks but I can't help but feel like that advice can be applied in all aspects of life. After the presentation I went and spoke to Jessie and after giving her my card I have since been approached by Jesselle PR to have my garments appear on channel 7 for the Gold Lotto girl. We'll see what the outcome is, but the point is I may have never been asked if I didn't put myself out there. This industry really is a bitch but I think when you have the right information and you're willing to participate in all the best opportunity's that come your way and you collaborate with the people who inspire you, nothing will stand in the way of your success.