Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seven Day Challenge - Day One

I’ve been told that as a writer, it’s imperative to write every day. Now this is not something I ever considered as something I would chose to do as a leisure activity. As I’ve just finished 3 years of university and sitting at a desk, writing, generally means I’m working on some piece of assessment. With this in mind sitting in my lunch break writing; naturally has a nasty, negative stigma attached to it; but this week is different - hopefully.

I was asked on Sunday by a well-known blogger friend, if it was something I had any intention of pursuing as a career and if I was ever going to take what I did (he says talent, I say venting) seriously. Well, where do you start with such a statement? I’m the first to argue that blogging is the new wave of journalism, as they reach a wider more imaginative audience than the mindless zombie audience stuck in front of a TV watching the evening news, but I never considered what I did, and what I wrote to hold much merit in the blogging world. My blog, to me, is simply a place for me to share my experiences and vent about the odd fashion dilemma here and there, and now I’m being asked if I want to take it seriously? Well, to be honest, I’m really not sure.

To say I’ve hit a small patch of limbo life would be an understatement. I’ve just finished uni but don’t yet have my results, broken up from a long term (2 and a bit years) serious relationship, escaped from the crazy world of retail and am now swimming blah-zahly along in a “I don’t know what I’m doing with myself” sea of oddness. Over the weekend I had a quick squiz on Seek to see if there are any decent jobs for someone with my “skillset” but after realizing there’s nothing in Brisbane and it was all becoming very gloomy I decided to run away from the situation and go shopping and then hit a bar with some friends. This, my dear blogger friend is my problem! Lack of motivation. I say “hey brain, we should go get a job and start our life” and it says in reply “OR we could go out and have a few wines and discuss silly nothings with friends, you’ve got a job and you only have to work three days a week, Shhh with all this career talk, you really think you can have a four day weekend when you have a career, you’re young, enjoy it! Let’s get drunk!” and I sheepishly nod my head and agree, next thing I know I’m waking up with yet another hang over.

You ask me, Mr Blogger friend, if I will ever take blogging seriously and will I pursue it as a career but unfortunately the only thing my little overworked brain wants to pursue is a bottle of wine and a dance floor. You told me to write every day, and I told you I wouldn’t know what to write, it most certainly won’t always be my best work, and I can guarantee I’ll run out of quirky metaphors to explain my bizarre feelings, but I’m going to endeavor to fulfill your wish- well at least for a week. You think this will expand my writing skills and make me a better writer, I hope you don’t end up eating your words, because mine won’t be all that tasty.

Seven day writing challenge, I choose you!