Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whats going on?!?

Badly dressed men of Brisbane I have a bone to pick with you, a fashion shaped bone. It has occurred to me that there seems to be an overwhelming amount of guys in Brisbane that have decided that looking (and smelling) like a sanitary bin is now fashionable. I'm sorry, but no! If you approach me and I smell you before I actually talk to you, I can guarantee you will not get far. The strangest part of all this is that they actually think that their long unwashed hair, b.o. smelling tee and ripped jeans are actually really very fashionable. WHY!?! The worst part is when I see a guy that has the potential to be really quite attractive and has even managed to get the clothing right but has long dirty hair and smells like he lives in a tip! Why are you doing this, guys please, women love men that smell like Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein, if you set the standard for yourself to be unwashed, then please only approach those that follow your (lack of) hygiene routine, I really don't want to know.

Also while I'm on the rant train, ladies listen up! I love a nice comfy pair of jeans as much as the next person, but please don’t wear them if they don't fit you properly, there are two things I've seen way too much of this winter and I feel like someone needs to say something. Firstly, if your jeans are too tight and you muffin out the top, DO NOT wear a MIDRIFF! We, the public don't need to see that, if you feel you must wear these jeans then wear a top that covers the muffin, in fact I hate seeing midriffs on girls that have good bodies as well (I am a firm believer that the only time I want to see your belly is at the beach, but not everyone agrees with me on this one). Secondly if your jeans hang under your bum, loose and baggy then chuck them in the dryer or buy a new pair. Jeans are suppose to be snug around the bum, you are not a skater boy, you need to pull your pants up, it looks like you've had an accident in your pants but can’t be bothered to change.

One last thing for my rant, I know it’s cold and it can sometimes be hard finding appropriate footwear to keep your feet warm, but Ugg boots should not be seen in public. There are so many gorgeous boots on offer, you really have no excuse!

So let’s try and pull our fashion savvy socks up Brisbane, I know there are many of you doing the right thing and going out looking fabulous, keep it up and hopefully everyone else will cotton-on.