Sunday, June 9, 2013

The trouble with love.. that even when you are so hopelessly in love with something, when forced to do something you love, or when motivation just seems to be lacking in its entirety, your love and passion can sometimes disappear. Although I do believe the beautiful quote
"when you do something you love as your occupation, you'll never really work a day in your life"
holds a considerable amount of weight, whenever you do something as a job, you'll always have days when it feels more like a job than the thing you love most in life. I'm not entirely sure why but I've been suffering from this pretty badly recently. I've been finding myself unmotivated to slump downstairs in my cold studio and work my fingers to the bone, or work really at all. Perhaps I am still feeling a little burnt out after Passion, or perhaps due to sales slowing down I'm lacking a little motivation, but either way, it certainly makes the studio days that little bit harder to get through.
In all honesty I should be excited, I have a new collection I'm working on that will be debuted at the RAW: Brisbane event on July 19th (which everyone should come to and you can buy your tickets here) and I have been asked to be a speaker at a motivational conference for young people in the Creative Industries on Friday at QUT, and yet, all I really feel like doing, is going shopping and hanging out with my friends.
I'm sure I'll snap out of my little funk as the date of the show draws closer and I go into panic mode once again, but for now, I'm simply coasting, working my way to the top at a snails pace and actually quite enjoying my quieter little life.
If motivation seems to have deserted you, don't fear, life has a funny way of giving you a little kick up the rear when you're really in need, so you won't stay idol for long.
Happy long weekend lovers! xx