Sunday, August 12, 2012

My, my Melbourne!

Greetings from ye olde Melbourne town! I'm here for a week on holidays with my brother, his gf and my mum, and so far I can say, I couldn't possibly be anymore in love with this place.
I arrived around mid day yesterday and although I've found the weather a little hard to take (I'm not great with the cold and it's freezing here) I really do love Melbourne. I had my first clubbing experience here last night, and it was full of surprises. We decided to head to Chapel Street and I was so excited to see everyone looking so well dressed. Unlike Brisbane, the majority of females recognise the cooler weather and actually dress accordingly, including tights and coats! I was so happy to see this as it meant I didn't stick out so much in my thick coat, tights and boots. I wore my Asos black lace dress with my bow suspender tights and Chloe booties and of course my black pea coat. It was no valley but we had an absolute ball out, and I've heard the nightlife in the city is even better!
I'm learning that no matter where you're going or what you're getting up to, tights and a long sleeve shirt or singlet under whatever outfit you're wearing, will certainly save you when you step outside.
Today was a fun filled day kicking off with a gourmet breakfast at a nearby cafe. From here we headed off to the Queen Victoria Markets and spent the afternoon wandering through a plethora of stalls picking up cute and quirky bits and pieces here and there. I bought a gorgeous satin floral blazer for half the price of any retail store, two pairs of patterned tights (I know I already have a million, but what's two more?) a cute striped dress and a pair of adorable ear muffs. I also fell in love with a rabbit whom I named Captain Soot Ears but sadly he had just been purchased by one very lucky young lady (and even if he had have been available for purchase, Queensland law states that rabbits are not permitted in the state, travesty!)
For dinner we headed off to a gorgeous little place called Pellegrini's for the most fabulous spaghetti I've ever experienced. We sat in the kitchen as the lovely Italian woman cooked our meals and sang to herself in Italian. I've never had pasta as soft and flavoursome as this was. We finished the meal with a latte and creme caramel then waddled our full little bellies off home.
It's a wonderful place to be and I feel instantly at home in Melbourne, although I feel as though all I do is eat and shop, what more could a girl ask for out of a holiday? Tomorrow we are setting off to see the sights of Melbourne, and I really can't wait!