Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outfit Week - Day Three

Today was a quiet little shopping day. I always think about an outfit when I know I'm going shopping because you want to make sure your outfit is an easy on - easy off (if you intend on trying things on). I picked a new dress I just recently purchased, it was one of those "this is pretty cute - impulse buy" from Cotton On of all places. I sported my little Witchery flats as they're super comfy and allow me to pound the pavement all day if I so desire, all while looking adorable and chic, not to mention the fact that they go with every outfit I own. It was cool today so the 3/4 length sleeve on this little cotton dress was ideal. Being a stretch cotton, it was great as I wandered from shop to shop, trying this and that. I took a cardie with me but didn't even need it, as I sat in the sun sipping my skinny late late this afternoon. I'm heading home tomorrow but will be on holidays for the rest of the week so I'll continue with my little outfit journal. Thinking about going to get some dinner tonight out and about, and as it's origin tonight I'll have to rummage around my suitcase to make sure I have something Maroon on.