Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outfit Week - Day Four

Tonight I'm off to dinner with a girlfriend, it's pretty chilly so I've opted for tights, a dusty pink frill dress and my trusty blazer. The dress, due to it's sheer material is pretty much see through without anything underneath so I've got a black strapless under dress for modesty and an extra layer of warmth. The dress is from my favourite cheap store Ally, the under dress is just a Target number, the blazer is from Forever New and the tights are from Myer. My girlfriend is shorter than me so I've gone for my Witchery flats again rather than heels, I think they compliment and dress up the outfit without looking over dressed, and if we decide to go for a walk after dinner (as we always seem to do) I'll be comfortable. Hair is out and messy as always, I love Winter because I never have to do my hair, I can just wake up, give it a brush and go, and it acts like a woolly scarf when it's cold outside.