Wednesday, April 27, 2011

protoTYPE Magazine

Last November I was involved in a student magazine but untill today I had only seen digital images of the photos from the shoot featuring my garments.

As a student and designer you are constantly doing photo shoots and shows without pay (compensation is usually photographs). However as a part of this deal it had been agreed that I would receive a copy of the magazine, as well as the digital prints. I never could have imagined that my garments would end up on the front cover though.

This feels like one of those "I'm actually getting somewhere" moments and although it's only the cover of a student magazine, it's still a cover. The team who put together protoTYPE magazine are all incredibly talented and I feel so proud to have been a part of the magazine. I couldn't be happier with my massive 14 page spread, it looks amazing! This is a massive achievement for the label, whats next for Evelyn Curtis?

Next stop VOGUE!
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