Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busy is Best

Every Brisbane fashionista plans their entire year around the month of August, for it holds all the beauty and glory of being a very busy fashion month in little Brisvegas. This year especially, as not only do we have MBFF drawing in the crowds, but the amazing Valentino exhibition has now taken over GoMA. Every night this week there seems to be a hive of activity and a fashion show or event to attend around the Southbank and City area. As a busy little fashion lover I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to and I’ll do another update later on in the week.
It all started on Sunday for me, as of 9am I had a photo shoot, not only was I in charge of styling the shoot, but I was also the hair department – no I’m not a hair dresser but I got three different looks styled within an hour! It was all very rushed as the photographer is due to head over to London in search of fame and fortune on Sunday, and this was his last chance to get some extra shots for his portfolio. We had a lot to play around with as not only had we been asked to shoot the latest collection from bridal designer Hilde Heim, but I had a chance to get some of my own pieces shot too. It was great to experiment with so many different styles and accessorize so many different looks. We had a mixture of bridal, lingerie (my stuff) and a large collection of street wear (some of my own clothes, some supplied by the models). I have to say that shooting in the boutique is much easier than shooting on location as there is room to spread everything out and really get the best out of every look, not only that but I find the models tend to be more relaxed when in a secure space and this leads to much better photos. So that was Sunday.