Monday, July 5, 2010

Casual style contemplation

"Don’t forget to take a jacket!" I hear my mum call as I walk out the door, off for my first winter clubbing of the season. However I think I'm all too clever for that as I have adorned myself with 120 denier stockings! Wrong, very, very, very wrong! As I stride out the door keen to begin my miscellaneous adventures out on the town I am hit with a wind colder than K-stews paparazzi face. I promptly grab my jacket, after all I can leave it with my DJ friend once in the club and I'll probably be glad I did when waiting in the taxi line. I don’t ever recall in my previous years, wanting this jacket, never before have I cared whether my shoes were going to be comfortable, or whether I was going to be able to fit more than a maxi tampon in my bag, all that mattered was the outfit.
What I find strange about this sudden need for warmth is my growing demand on my clothing to be comfortable. Gone are the days when I wore heels everywhere because they make my 5 foot nothing frame slightly more elevated but mainly because they looked so dam hot! Now I sport a pair of comfortable (yet still adorable) pair of black flats (with innersoles) absolutely everywhere! But why!?! I got a comment on a dress I was wearing today (yes I was wearing the above mentioned flats with this dress), quickly followed by a comment from my man telling me he hated the dress and I looked as though I was wearing a tent. Embarrassed about the comment, and loving that someone else was digging the casual nature of today’s outfit I hit back, "Well my tight fitting clothing isn’t very comfortable and I thought I'd wear something comfortable today!" I smiled and shook it off, but still felt uneasy about his comment.
What blows me away is not the fact that my boyfriend disliked the dress (he believes clothes should hang on the end of his bed and not on his girlfriend) but the fact that I felt such a strong urge to defend myself, as though I knew wearing a loose dress, tailored blazer and flats was somehow out of character. I have to say that I felt slightly strange with no belt or earrings, no fitted skirt, no commitment ring - a minimum effort outfit. However my hair was straight and I was sporting (however minimal) makeup, so it's not as though I'm letting myself go... perhaps I'm just growing up... or perhaps I'm getting old.
I wonder if others find this, that they do prefer to be comfortable and chic rather than dolled up to the hills, looking "sexy" but all the while secretly being rather uncomfortable. Or maybe it's just me; I think I might enjoy embracing this casual, comfortable and hopefully still chic side of my style. As long as I don’t wear my ugg boots in public I think I'm playing it safe.